Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Guest Post - Chelsea's Tangled Fairies

Dear Ms Bartholomew,
Thank you so very much for your tangle cards and inspirations. I have laminated them with contact paper and put them on a ring. They are easy to flip through and gather ideas. I also will be using these in the summer camp craft class I teach and I am much easier about letting kids use them now.

I wanted to share with you some tangled inspiration I had lately. I was shopping at Meijers and saw this lovely design your own fashions set from Disney. There were so many to choose from I had a hard time picking just one. I finally settled on Tinkerbell but there were also princesses and Disney villains.  [Note, this book is: Style Me Up!]

I bought it with the intention of playing with tangled outfits. Here are my results on a few.

Perhaps your Lilah will enjoy this too. It reminded me a bit of your Tangled Fashionista just with less pre set strings or dress outlines. The girls come just covered with boy shorts and a strapless top. They give you stencils and stickers to play but I wanted to see what tangled outfits I could come up with. The stencils help if you are not good at outlining the idea of a dress or top but I use them rarely and only for a guideline.

Your latest post about kids using your tangle app was wonderful too. My daughter, Calista, is 5-1/2 and uses your app and your tangle cards intermittently. She has created many tangles for me including this beautiful tree.

Tangle Tree by Calista, age 5 1/2
 I also plan to teach a little girl who is 5 some of the tangle method using your books and cards to help her with her dexterity. Her mother is very excited about the idea. Perhaps I will be able to share the result of that session with you as well.

Thank you again for all your books and resources you have published or been a part of.  I believe your styles tend to be my favorite and thank you so much for the kids book! That has been so helpful for so many kids!

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Chelsea Radley

Visit Chelsea's blog HERE for more really cool ideas and tangle-y fun!
And if you are in the Ohio area, check out her summer camps HERE.

For even more great inspiration in the fashion-doll theme, Suzanne McNeill just posted a YouTube video of a cute project - Zentangle Paper Dolls.

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StxRadley said...

Wow! Thanks so much Sandy. This is really exciting. My kids were bouncing off the walls when they saw the post. Thanks so much. I feel so honored.