Friday, July 18, 2014

Comic Camp Recap!

© Sandy Steen Bartholomew
I just spent a week at Comic Camp in Vermont.
I blogged about it every day on my Beez In the Belfry site - and there are lots of pictures of the cool stuff we worked on. I had such a fabulous time!! If you are curious, here are the links to the pages. The first link is Monday's, then Tuesday's, etc.

Pow! Zing! Comic Camp!

Pop-Pop-BLAM! - Comic Camp 

Splotch! Ploop! - Comic Camp 

Ka-zaAM! - Comic Camp

Zip! Squeeee! - Comic Camp

Blip, Bleep! >Sigh< - Comic Camp



1 comment:

StxRadley said...

I am pretty sure I will be sending you an email soon with some pics to share. I just showed my kids your Lilah Bean Comics and they are inspired. I even had a set of papers that were already divided into comic strips with word bubbles. They are eager to get started and share. Thanks for the inspiration!