Friday, August 12, 2011

Zach Metzger - "Freddy"

Zach's Lilah Bean is named Fred Samuel Highland IV, nicknamed, Freddy. Judging by the contract on the back of Freddy's house, I think that Zach must be a lawyer! We'll accept his entry anyway because it is so very clever. 

Freddy is made from cardboard... and stitched!  His house is a converted jewelry box with lovely embossed brick detailing. Freddy is obviously a Bean of taste - although I am not so sure about the beef jerky and grapes. Hmmm.


Gab said...

OMG he is just too cute!

Zach Metzger said...

Yay, pictures! I forgot to take some before I mailed him. You got some great ones.

Just a quick note, I designed the house so it can be a stand-alone facade. you'll notice that if you take the "lid" off the base, one of the base's sides is notched just right so that if you put the lid on the box so it is standing 90 degrees in relation to the base, it will stay. That was a very technical explanation for something so simple, so I hope I didn't over-technify it!

By the way, I'm just a student, not a lawyer. I'm flattered you thought that, though!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Ah... that is very cool and clever too. And I am so relieved to hear you are not a lawyer!