Friday, August 12, 2011

Sandra Strait - "Boop Beans"

 Sandra Strait's Lilah Beans were each inside a shimmery, gauzy bag, which was completely wrapped, like a mummy, in green masking tape. I was a little afraid to unwrap them and expected something dangerous with large teeth to come jumping out at me. I was really surprise to see these big-eyed, super sweet, and incredibly well-behaved, Beans emerge! Since they don't have given names, I will name them the "Boop Beans" since they (the pink haired one especially) remind me of Betty Boop.

The Boop Beans appear to be made from paperclay and the hair is attached by tying the yarn or wire through holes punched in the clay. The beaded hair makes me think of balloons!

Sandra's blog, Life Imitates Doodles, is really fun to explore with lots of info on Zentangle® and other art adventures.

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Gab said...

Oh those are adorable. The hair looks like Jelly beans!!