Friday, August 12, 2011

Let the Contest Begin!

My carved, Lilah Bean art stamp
I will start posting the contestants for the Lilah Bean Contest as individual entries (by person). A few people have more than one entry - but I will put them together. There will be a poll over on the side of the blog with each person listed. This poll is the way to vote for the "People's Choice" - that's the overall favorite. If you would like to nominate any particular entry for a more specific award... say, "Best Hair" or some such thing, you can nominate in the "Comments" section below that particular entry. ALSO - if you are the artist of an entry, feel free to add comments or tell us how you created your Lilah Bean, in the comments as well.

Since a few entries are arriving today or on Saturday, I will leave the Poll/Voting open until Tuesday, August 16th. OK, here we go...

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