Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sue Jacobs - "Happy Bean"

Sue Jacobs' Lilah Bean is the biggest of the contenders and, not only super-sized, but super-tangled!
She has lovely, smooth, white skin, just perfect for tangling. And paper-doll-stand feet.

I haven't made many comments about the support systems for the Lilah Beans - I probably should have though. One of the requirements was that the Beans be able to stand up by themselves. And truthfully not many of these entries can support themselves. Yes, they are still young, and I expect as they age, they will acquire new skills and means of support. But to be in the horde of minions, they can't expect to just sit on a pile of Playdoh and take over the world, right?

All this to say, Sue's Lilah Bean is sturdy and self-supporting.

Sue Jacobs is a Certified Zentangle® Teacher in Illinois.
Her blog is Sue's Tangle Trips (where she has the steps for some very cool tangles!) and you can email her at:


Gab said...

Wow talk about cool hair!! And she looks so happy too!

Cookie said...

Hi, Sue
I love the cute smile you made on your Lilah Bean and it's tangled hair. Too cute!

Thomas Flynn said...

Thannk you for being you