Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lynn Catnes - "Shrinky Bean"

Lynn Catnes' Lilah Bean is about 3" tall. What's remarkable is that it is made of shrink plastic... so the original must have been HUGE! She has wonderful tangled details including her fashionable hair-do (very important to an LB), beaded necklace and super-cute shoes. She has a very nice matte finish to her surface achieved by using a white colored pencil.

And since we are now talking about self-supporting Lilah Beans, Lynn's is very sturdy. The supports are also made from shrink plastic. I'd love to know what kind of glue bonds the plastic so nicely?
This "Shrinky Bean" is a welcome addition to the minions!


Gab said...

Wow, I'd love to know if she was tangled before or after she was shrunk!

Cookie said...

I like the way you tangled her hair and the cleaver stand you glued behind her so she can stand.