Friday, August 12, 2011

Angie Gamble - "Box of Beans"

Angie Gamble sent a whole box of Beans! These ceramic Friends all have a little story and the most charming details! She even sent a repair kit to glue their arms back on (Thanks, Angie!!) Can you believe this is the first time she has worked with clay?

Despite the rough ride, these Lilah Beans are smiling and cheerful.

 Here's "Lilah Bean" with her own mini-book.
Ah - the hair!
This is "Mr. Zentangle"

Mr. Z has his own tiny Micron pen...

...and of course, his tiny ZT tile!

"Booksie" hoards Zentangle books. I love her hair.

Can you believe these tiny books! I want some for my dollhouse.

"Mr. Congratulations"

It's really nice to have Groupies.


Gab said...

These are simply stunning. I love, love, love all the mini books, the pen and the mini tile!

Carole Ohl said...

SO SO Awesome, Angie!

Cookie said...

Hi, Angie
These are really awesome. I like the way they shine. I thought they were ceramic, but I wasn't sure. How did you get such tiny zentangle books? They look just like the real books. These will be cute for dolls or a minuature replica of a room. I love your Lilah Beans! How tall are they?

Angie Gamble said...

Hi everyone! I'd like to thank Sandy for having such an awesome contest! Thanks Sandy!!! You are such a talented and remarkable woman! Kudos to you and congratulations on your new book! I also want to thank ALL of YOU who have voted for my Lilah Beans!!! I am just so thrilled you like them! :-) I really had a lot of fun making them! When I saw that Sandy was having this contest I knew I just had to make a Lilah Bean and enter it! My Lilah Beans are all made out of Sculpey clay. This is the very first time I've worked with baking clay. Really, it is! I stumbled a bit and cracked several at first, but then I got the hang of it and I just couldn't stop making those cute little beans! :-) My first Lilah Bean, "Lilah Bean", was made with Lilah (Sandy's daughter) in mind. She has a pink bow in her hair, a pink beaded bracelet, and her very own copy of her mom's new book ZT for Kidz! She is about 41/2-5" tall and is made all of clay except for her eyes, eyelashes(paper), & her book (paper-an image of Sandy's book reduced to less than 1"!). "Mr. Zentangle" is also approx. 5" tall & is made out of clay except for his eyes & the zt tile (paper-an actual zt tile reduced to about 1/4" & then I drew a zentangle with a 005 Micron pen on the front of it). His Micron pen is even made of clay! I thought Sandy had to have a Lilah Bean that actually had the proper Zentangle tools - a Micron pen & zt tile. My inspiration for the "Booksie" Lilah Bean was a Lilah Bean who loved & had all of Sandy's books. She is also 41/2-5" tall & made all of clay except for her eyes, hair (wire & beads), & books(paper-again I reduced each of Sandy's books to less than 1/2"! It took a lot of time, practice, & patience, but was worth every minute!:-). Then "Mr. Congratulations" was made especially for Sandy. He was made to congratulate Sandy on her new book by giving her flowers! He too is all clay except for the stems of the flowers (wire) & his hat was painted with acrylic paint. He is about 4" tall. All my Lilah Beans have a coat of gloss acrylic paint on them to make them shine bright. Again, I had so much fun making these for Sandy (& Lilah too)! Thanks again to everyone who has sent me kind messages/emails about my Lilah Beans. I really appreciate you! This is such a great contest (Thanks Sandy!) and I think that all of the Lilah Bean entries are wonderful!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Thanks for the details, Angie! I am surprised that these are Sculpey - they actually feel more like ceramic. You did good! Lilah adores them and i have to keep saying "Don't touch!" - at least until the contest is over. :-)

Angie Gamble said...

Thanks Sandy! Poor little Lilah. I'm sure she would LOVE to play with all your new & beautiful little Minions! If she has a special request, I would happily make one (or 2!) especially for her. :-) I even thought about making a clay version of your little robot character! Just let me know!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

I think any Bean that is within reach of Lilah is in danger. Perhaps... if it had a flat back, then it could be hung on her wall... just out of reach where it could smile and mock her... :-D hee hee