Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Oflaarla! (Whaaaaat???)

Greetings from East Tennessee, where snow is currently pouring down in a speedy swirl! It probably won't accumulate, but since many of us are experiencing snow despite the official arrival of Spring last week, today seems like a great day to share a new tangle with you!

I present...(drumroll, please)...
I will explain this unusual name later.

This is a really fun linear tangle, but when used in multiples, it can become a fill pattern.

The spaces in between strands of offlaarla can be filled in however you like: shade it with pen or pencil, fill it with tipple or auras or pinstripes. Lots of room for creativity with this simple tangle that starts with a series that is reminiscent of Morse code: ll l ll l lllll (Dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dash-dot-dot-dot-dash-dot. )

Ah—and now the snow has stopped (just minutes later!) and the sun is shining again. And we continue with our regularly scheduled season.

I hope that whatever the weather is in your location, you are all healthy and happy and ready to try a new tangle! If you'd like us to share your use of oflaarla here on the ZT for Kids! blog or on our Facebook page, please email me at CZTAmy@gmail.com. Teachers, if you share this tangle with your students, I'd love to see their work! 

Happy tangling!
Amy Broady, CZT
Knoxville, TN

P.S. I was really excited to create the step-outs for oflaarla using blank Tangle Cards for the first time!


Alice said...

Cute new tangle, I'll have to try it out :)

Janet said...

Nice! Love this blog! My 4th graders did some Zentangled fish. I'll send you a photo!

Amy in TN said...

Thank you, Alice and Janet! Please do send a photo, Janet--we love to feature student work here!!! 4th graders do incredible work. :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy! Were getting the same weather here in Ohio. Love the tangle. I'll use it next month for a Girl Scout class. I'll share your blog too. Happy Spring!! --Sue O.

Unknown said...

Love it, love it, love it! But I love all of your tangles... :-) -Denise
I've been thinking about what we can present at Nationals next year - I'll email you about that!!

Bette Abdu said...

Nice tangle. I can see some good possibilities for Tanglations too!

Amy in TN said...

Thank for the feedback!
Susan, I am eager to see what the Girls Scouts do with oflaarla! Happy Spring to you, too!
Denise, I am looking forward to jamming ideas for next year. :-)
Bette, I agree, this tangle has lots of flexibility and potential. If you draw any tanglations, I'd love for you to send 'em on to me, so I can post them!