Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Philosophical Question

Zentangles are not really drawings - they are usually more abstract art - like lines and patterns. But I know that a lot of us love to incorporate things, especially creatures into our tangles! Lilah and I have thought about how wonderful it is that Lilah Beans are actually both a tangle and the string! You usually draw lots and lots of Lilah Beans, so she is a repetitive pattern... a tangle. But you can also draw just one and then you fill her hair with more tangles... so she is a "string" too, right?

So, what about snowmen? We drew a gazillion circles along our driveway, then filled them with more circles for buttons and eyes, and lots of accessories. Lilah said they were "definitely Zentangles!" and she is the expert. Whatever they are, they were fun!

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