Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tangling on Kidz

No, that isn't a typo. I have tangled on everything from paper, a fiberglass gnu, my bathroom floor, walls, a funeral urn (no kidding!), and... my kids.

 I tangled some other people's kids - and some big people as well. They mostly wanted Zentangles drawn around their wrists like bracelets. That looked really pretty too. But my Lilah wanted tangles on her face and her legs! This second picture is really funny because I am drawing on my kid, and in the background you can see the drawings my kid did on my wall!

Last year, for the Fall Foliage Festival, I had to sit outside and paint soccer balls and hearts and rainbows on people for four hours, for my daughter's preschool. Eh. So this year, I thought I'd have some fun with it. (It WAS a lot more fun!) Lilah was in a terrible mood though, so to cheer her up, I drew a Lilah Bean peeking out of the top of her sock. She was intrigued... were there others in the sock hiding? Yes, of course! They climbed out one by one and stood on each other's heads until there was a tall tower.. and Lilah grabbed my pencil away to continue drawing and painting on herself. :-)

If you want to try this, on yourself or on others, here is what I recommend:

• black, water-proof, eye-liner pencil - for drawing the designs
I used one that needed to be sharpened, which was a pain since it got really soft in the sun and kept breaking off inside the sharpener. Grrr. If you can find one that twists rather than sharpens, that would be perfect.
"real" face paints. I like the brand... I think they are called Snazaroo. The colors are richer and more opaque, and they stay on longer. 
• a cup for water
• a flat, 1/4" paintbrush for coloring in larger areas 
• a round, pointy detail paintbrush. I like to use golden Taklon craft brushes. They are inexpensive, but hold their shape and kids like them better too. Don't us "kid" brushes, ever. Especially if you are a kid! They shed and it is awful to keep picking hairs out of your painting (or off your face - ick!) You deserve better quality. 
• hand mirror  
• lots of paper towels!

A great idea is for adults, or bigger kids, to draw the designs with the eyeliner pencil, and then let the kids paint in the colors. The pencil won't smear (waterproof!). Have fun!

Lilah Beans on Lilah Beans on my Lilah Bean!


Sandra Strait said...

Oh, I bet you were popular that day! What fun!

Mrs. Broady said...

Sounds like a great time!
Thanks for the tips for tangling on people.
I'm so glad you mentioned how important good brushes are! It's so true that everyone deserves a better brush than what is marketed as "kid" brushes. I like Golden Taklon brushes, too. I buy them in packaged sets of rounds and flats when Hobby Lobby has them on sale for 50% off. A good deal on good brushes!