Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tangled Walls - Lilah's View

A whole bunch of us have been working to tangle the walls of the stairs going up to my studio. Today, my son, Alex, and my daughter, Lilah, joined in the fun. Lilah spent over an hour drawing her creatures and Lilah Beans on the door and the wall before she got a bit restless. At that point, she became the project photographer - she stole my camera!

What follows are Lilah's own shots. Our work-in-progress from the viewpoint (literally) of a 4-and -5/6th-year-old. I removed most of the bum shots. I never really considered what little kids have to look at all the time! (For more, visit my blog: BeezintheBelfry)
Hi - I'm Lilah Amaret!
The bottom of the door I worked on. Lots of Lilah Beans. And grass.
My mom started drawing Lilah Beans, on my door! I made her leave, and made more Beans. It took a long time to do their hairstyles.
Another adult did this. It looks drippy.
I drew on my mom's wall! I made mountains over her molehills. She said that. I said I was making mountains over her Crescent Moons. Doesn't she know the right name?!

Alex made the boxes! That's hard.
I made mommy add a Bumblebat. She called me her little Art Director.
My door again. It's so great!

How pretty is that!? It's beads hanging from the doorknob!
My Lilah Beans.

More stuff I drew on Mommy's wall! Do you see the teeny Lilah Bean?

Mommy's drawing Btl Joos. It's her favorite.
It just keeps going!
She worked on this one too...
I caught her!
Hi - it's me again.
Looking down...
And up....oooh, bubbles...
And more up...

My mom was trying not to step on me.
It looks really cool if you lie upside down on the stairs!
Downside UP!
Mom's BUTT!  (Editor's Note: HEY!?)
Mom has a messy door.
I'm bored. Time to draw some more.

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Stephanie said...

yeah! How cool that you got your mom's camera. great photos. I would love to come and draw on that wall too. You would have to teach me how to do your beans. Love them. Too bad I live all the way on the other side of the country.