Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lilah Bean Table Manners

On the 4th of July, our town hosts a big pancake breakfast under a tent, next to Town Hall. The pancakes were delicious, but it was really humid and hot and Lilah got super-fidgetty. So... the paper tablecloth started looking very appealing to me.

I admit that I started it. Just a few Lilah Beans having a little parade... with a flag... and a pancake.

I had caught my daughter's attention. She stole my pen and drew a giant Lilah Bean - rolling on top of the others to squish them! Hey! But then she put bubbles around all of them for protection. I showed her how to draw a little square as a reflection on each bubble.

Of course, some of the bubbles turned into balloons. Then we made "micro-Lilah Beans". Some got so small they turned back into eggs. Eggs? Yes, Lilah Beans hatch from Jelly Beans.

Lilah says : "That's why you shouldn't eat ALL your jelly beans! 
If you DO - there won't be any more Lilah Beans!"

 - Sandy B. and Lilah (age 4.5)

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Lura said...

Lilah, you are amazingly talented. Don't stop helping your mom.