Tuesday, March 17, 2020

ZT for KIDZ! ... Stress! Not Just for Adults Anymore!

Stressed? Got Kids home from school? THIS is the perfect time to try Zentangle®!

I an effort to try and help in the only way I know how - I am making my Zentangle for Kidz! book available right here for download:

Click here to download the book.
I just ask a few things:
1. Please don't be a jerk and do something like... try and sell this book online.
2. I'd LOVE to see the Zentangles that you and your kids create!
Send me a jpeg and I'll post it here on the site for others to see.
Let me know if there is a story to go with it too.
3. If you want a physical copy of the book (with stickers!!) you can get it at my shop - BUMBLEBAT
4. Have fun!!

And since I know that there are some very curious folks out there who might be interested in drawing comics or illustrating books - I thought you'd like to see the "sketch" version of the book?

This is how I figured out what I wanted to be in the book and how it should look...

Click here to download the sketches.


postalorphan said...

Thank you for this!!

Kitty Chan said...

I actually bought this book earlier. It’s fun even for adults. ��❤️

LouAnn Tangled said...

thanks for sharing your book online - I am pretty sure I have a copy somewhere in my studio

artzyfartzy said...

You are so sweet, I love how people are pulling together during these difficult times. TBH I have two of your adult Zentangle books and they are my very fav!!!!