Tuesday, March 17, 2020

ZT for KIDZ! ... Stress! Not Just for Adults Anymore!

Stressed? Got Kids home from school? THIS is the perfect time to try Zentangle®!

I an effort to try and help in the only way I know how - I am making my Zentangle for Kidz! book available right here for download:

Click here to download the book.
I just ask a few things:
1. Please don't be a jerk and do something like... try and sell this book online.
2. I'd LOVE to see the Zentangles that you and your kids create!
Send me a jpeg and I'll post it here on the site for others to see.
Let me know if there is a story to go with it too.
3. If you want a physical copy of the book (with stickers!!) you can get it at my shop - BUMBLEBAT
4. Have fun!!

And since I know that there are some very curious folks out there who might be interested in drawing comics or illustrating books - I thought you'd like to see the "sketch" version of the book?

This is how I figured out what I wanted to be in the book and how it should look...

Click here to download the sketches.


postalorphan said...

Thank you for this!!

Kitty Chan said...

I actually bought this book earlier. It’s fun even for adults. ��❤️

LouAnn Tangled said...

thanks for sharing your book online - I am pretty sure I have a copy somewhere in my studio

artzyfartzy said...

You are so sweet, I love how people are pulling together during these difficult times. TBH I have two of your adult Zentangle books and they are my very fav!!!!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Glad everyone is enjoying it! Don't forget to share your work.If you share on Instagram, I'm @BeezInk and on Twitter, @SandyBee. There is also a Facebook Page for ZT for Kidz - it's easy to post your art (and kids' art!) on there. :-) https://www.facebook.com/ZTforKidz/

Mrs. C. said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I actually own a copy, but I love that I can share this with my Gifted & Talented students! I think they will really enjoy creating zentangles for mindfulness!

Unknown said...

thank you so much for this!! I took part in a zoom zentangle class with some fellow students from our local Wellspring facility (Wellspring is a cancer rehab facility, and has been a happy place for me to make new friends and find myself again after cancer, we're missing being able to go there right now) - I created my first tangle yesterday and fell in love, so spent some time today looking online for resources - perfect timing! Steff

Mrs Reid said...

Thank you for sharing this - I was looking for ideas for introducing zentangles as a calming activity for my class, and your book is awesome.