Friday, August 9, 2013

Tangle Card Challenge #6 - Pingline

I have been doing a series of Challenges on my Beez in the Belfry blog. For this week's Challenge, I decided to do things a little bit differently since I'll be away at Art Camp next week. I'm giving two weeks to submit entries and there are two Tangles, one is on the Belfry site and the other is here.

This Challenge features Pingline. This design developed from a zigzag pattern I saw somewhere that reminded me of penguins holding hands.

You can use the tangle in any way you like and/or you can modify it. Any material or medium is fine as long as you submit a jpeg as your entry. The artwork and all rights remain those of the artist (you) - but by entering, you give me (Sandy) the right to post the work on my sites and to possibly use the piece (with your name) in a future book.

Post your art entry on the ZT for Kidz! Facebook Page.

The winner will receive a pack of my brand new Tangle Cards (not yet available in stores!) and will be chosen in TWO weeks on Thursday, August 22nd, sometime after lunch. ;-)

Anyone, any age, any skill level can enter Challenge #6 - and you can enter even if you have already won a Challenge on any of my sites.
Let's see what you've got!

To see all the contest details, read this post.

Entries from Round 1 can be seen here.
Round 2 is here.
Round 3 is here.
And Round 4 is here.

Pingline is from the Kidz Edition card pack. The Tangle card packs can be pre-ordered HERE.

- Sandy Steen Bartholomew

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