Saturday, August 31, 2013

And the Winner of the Tag — You're I T T T! Contest is...

TBD. To be determined.

Did any of you wonder about the "Tag — You're I T T T!" contest?
(I T T T = Invited To Tangle a Tag.)
The contest ran for several weeks and was supposed to end August 18th. Did you notice that I never posted a winner?

Well, that's because no one wanted to play. I had zero entries. Not a single one. To be honest, I felt like a kid at recess who wants to play a game that nobody else is interested in. But maybe I was just the lone kid left in town when everyone else was on vacation. For whatever reason, I didn't get any tag entries. So I decided to put a freeze on it (Freeze Tag, remember that?!) until after Sandy's Pingline contest. Which was awesome! I am so excited by the artwork that was posted to our Facebook page for that one! Wow. So fun!!! Which is what it's all about.

My teenager Caroline thought that tangling tags was really fun. Here are some of hers. She's not eligible for the contest, however. So NOW is there anyone who will play with me? I hope so! I am making the new deadline September 15th. You now have about 2 weeks...I bet you can find a tag to tangle! If you can't find one, why don't you make one? Just cut up an old cereal box or file folder...make it a simple shape or a funky one! Punch a hole and add some string or yarn if you want.

I am going to follow Sandy's lead and invite you to post your entries at the Zentangle for Kidz facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account, you can still email your entry to me at, and I will happily post it for you.

Adults are certainly welcome to enter, but only kids will be eligible to win the prize--a pack of Yoga for Your Brain Tangle Cards, Kids Edition. Because I hope to have a range of ages participate, the winner will be based on a random drawing of those who enter.

Please tell me you'll play! Please tell me you're glad that the contest is still going on and you still have a chance to enter! Please send me entries, or post them to our facebook page! It would be fun! And it would mean a lot to me.

Happy Tangling!
Amy Broady, Knoxville TN


Brenda Shaver Shahin said...

I love that you are doing this!! Love your tags Caroline! I don't have many kids, but the ones I do have, I encourage them to participate!!

Sharon said...

This is a great idea! I work with kids and we do some tangling. I know one who will jump at this fun idea! :)

Kym said...

Today was my first time "tangling" and I am hooked. I bought your "Yoga for the Brain" book after the class and immediately asked if there were kid classes. I was told you made a book for kids, I am so excited to start this new hobby as a family! We're too late for this contest but I'm going to join your Facebook page to stay connected. Thank you for taking the time to support people with this amazing form of art :)