Monday, July 15, 2013

Tag—You're I T T T ! Head start...

That's rightI T T T with three Ts...because you are Invited To Tangle!
Tangle what?! A Tag!!!
So what does that mean?

It means it's time for a contest. It's summer, so we should all be having fun, right?! Games are fun...they are playful competitions. So that's what we are going to do here at the ZT for Kidz website...we are going to have a tag contest!

Don't worry; you don't have to run around in the heat. All you have to do is tangle a tag of sorts--a name tag, a gift tag, a luggage tag...all helpful little labels that can be pretty boring--unless you decide to make them exciting. Tangles can do that!

These are a couple of tags I quickly decorated
to attach to some bags of stuff I had to
drop off for Caroline at her school last year.
This idea came to me when I came across some tags that I had decorated very quickly, very simply...not a whole lot of tangling, but still they were more interesting than just a tag with a name on it. Given that this is vacation and summer camp season, I bet there is a lot of luggage tagging going on...and name tagging at camps. It's also birthday season here at the Broady homein fact Caroline's birthday is TODAY! (Happy 15th Birthday, Caroline!!!), so gift tags are a helpful commodity. Maybe you have a gift that you plan to give someone soon...wouldn't it be nice to have a tangled tag to accompany it? So I urge you to make that tag! Make any tag, as long as it's tangled! And snap a clear photo of it (QUICK--before you give it away, if it's a gift tag!) so you can upload it or email it to me for the contest.
Now I have to confess: I am new to online contests, so I am still trying to figure out the logistics. I will post them later this week. But I thought I'd give you a head start, so you can get started on your Tangled Tag.

One thing I can tell is that there is a realllllllly cool PRIZE involved! Tags are rather like cards, right? Cards with holes and a string or a ribbon. So for the winner of this contest, I promise a pack of the brand-new Yoga for Your Brain Tangle Cards, Kids Edition, compliments of Sandy Steen Bartholomew! (No holes with strings or ribbons in these, though...unless you decide to add them yourself!) These are brand-spankin'-new, hot-off-the-press, and not available in stores yet. I was lucky enough to get to preview them when I met Sandy at CZT training in Providence last month, and I am thrilled that she offered me a pack as a prize for this contest. Thank you, Sandy!

Tags come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. For this contest, you can enhance your tangled tag with markers, colored pencils, paints, and more! But for these tags, the tangles are the most important feature. That's why we're here, right?

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

One more thing: this contest is aimed at tanglers ages 18 and under--if you are a parent, a teacher, or an adult of any kind, you may submit a tangled tag for fun, and I hope you will, but you are not eligible to win the prize pack of Tangle Cards. I'm sorry...but don't be madyou grown-ups can enter Sandy's series of contests, and maybe win a pack of cards from her! Here's a link to her blog post in which she explains her contest series. (Pssst....Kids! You can enter those contests, too!)

Happy Tag Tangling!
-Amy Broady, CZT-


Julie K in Taiwan said...

Sounds fun, is it open to international players?

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Yes - anyone can enter. (As long as you are under 18)

And HAPPY BiRTHDAY Caroline!!

Amy in TN said...

Thank you for your interest! Anyone can submit a tangled tag. It's just that the prize eligibility for this particular contest is limited to youth. I'll post more details soon. I hope you will share a tag or two! No mailing's an internet endeavor. :-)