Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kids Rain

Hello Again from Philadelphia!

I wanted to share with you some examples of  the pattern Rain done by K-6th graders using black sensi pens and colored pencils.  This was the third class in a four class series and they were so excited to be able to use color for the first time!  We only used black ink on white paper for the first two classes (I'll post those examples soon!).  I love that there are so many wonderful possibilities using only one pattern.  I enjoy making monotiles (using only one pattern) when I am learning a new pattern.  I hope you'll try this one soon!      

Katy Abbott, CZT8
Philadelphia, PA

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Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

I admit that Rain has never been one of my preferred tangles - but these Rain-bow versions are really fun! And appropriate since it is raining, yet again, in NH today.

Thanks for sharing the little squares of happiness. :-)