Sunday, April 28, 2013

Earth Day Post Cards, Pre-Shading

In my last post, I showed you the strings of some Earth Day post cards I created for a swap. I have not yet heard back from the recipients from my post cards, so I do not know if they have been delivered yet. I won't feature the completed post cards until I know that they have reached their destination...but I've decided to post the tangled cards, before the shading has been added.

ennies, echoism, evoke, auraknot, ahh, amaze, rain, raddox,
tagh, twing, tortuca, tripoli, hazen, hibred,
and hollibaugh

echoism, enyshou, eke, etcher, equerre, auraknot, amaze,
Rick's paradox, ragz, rain, triral, twistee, tipple, tagh,
heartrope, hurry,
and hollibaugh with hypnotic.

echoism, ennies, efilys, auraknot, allium, Rick's paradox, ragz,
riverstones, tuftid, twile, triral, tortuca, heartrope
and hi-Cs.
echo, emingle, eye-wa, efilys, equerre, assunta, anfel fish,
Rick's paradox, rouche, rain, twistee, tri-po, tidings,
tipple, hibred, hypnotic,
and hazen.
These took a very long time to tangle...but I enjoyed it so much! It was fun selecting which tangle to use in each space, and it was helpful to be limited to only tangles beginning with the letters used to spell "Earth." I also tried to place the tangles so that they were touching the part of the string featuring the letter with which they begin. As you can see, the "EARTH" strings have practically disappeared.

I hope you enjoy these. I'll be doing one more blog entry on these post cards, so check back in order to see them with shading!

Amy Broady

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Nrhaller said...

I love your Zentangles! It is so good to check out which ones I know already, and remember how to make them, while also deconstructing those I've not made before. Keep up the awesome work.
Rae Haller