Monday, January 28, 2013

The Lilah Beans are IN the Building!

My daughter Lilah and I spent this weekend making signs for the windows of OUR new studio, The BeeHive. It's open to the public on Fridays from 3-9pm and Lilah likes to teach everyone how to draw her Beans. Of course.

I made a huge banner to let everyone know the hours and that there was "Zentangle® Inside," so she let them know that there would be Lilah Beans too

 Here is a glimpse into her artistic process.

Most of Lilah's art starts by laying out the text (the words) first. Since Lilah Beans are slightly mischievous by nature, they slip into the picture before it is their turn...

"Cool Beans!"

Oooooo.... Monster Beans...

It was very important that every letter in the word "Friday" have at least three Lilah Beans each.

 Uh-oh, this Bean is really going to be in trouble! Swinging on a can of paint?! Well, I guess that is truth in advertising. Last Friday did get a bit rowdy (Katy Perry's song is dead-on). By the time all the Lilah Beans left at 4:30, the chaos had reached every nook in the studio... even the bear's cave in the forest bore strange markings on the walls!

 You are wondering - "Where does the inspiration for these crazy little Beans come from?"

 The Original Lilah Bean!!

If you are in the Warner, NH area on a Friday afternoon, Lilah and I (and the Lilah Beans!) hope that you will stop in and visit. And maybe create something too.


Sandy Hunter said...

I didn't even know this site existed until you mentioned it on facebook! Too cute... I'm going to tell my nieces to check it out. They love to draw and tangle!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Yes! Please help me spread the word. :-)