Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Tangles of Kells... for Kids

In August, I posted about my new ebook, The Tangles of Kells. (Read the post HERE). Although the movie is animated, and it is meant for kids, it didn't occur to me that the ebook would ALSO appeal to kids! I received a reminder in the form of an email from Elizabeth:

First off, I had no idea that the Secret of Kells existed, but my children did! I had a wonderful afternoon watching it on Netflix with my 6 year old and pausing it and watching and pausing, etc. She loves to tangle, so we had a great time looking at all the art. It's gorgeous!

Second, I wanted to send you this picture of Mia on her birthday. She loved Tangled Fashionista! Feel free to use it on your blog or where ever you like :).
Attached are some jpgs.
(LOVE the green-haired Lilah Beans!!!)
The dress was done by my 6 year old, Eva.

Nice use of sparkle gel pens!!
 The boots by my 11 year old, Mia.

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