Thursday, June 28, 2012

Like Lilah Beans?

Do you love Lilah Beans as much as we do in our family?
Yes, I thought so!
I have found a BUNCH of others on the internet who are also passionate about my daughter's minions. Take a look...

(You can click on the images to go directly to the sites)

This one is from Pondie on the Deviant Art site:

There are a gazillion here by 1st graders on ArtSonia:

And in COLOR too:

I really love this one - Lilah Beans with WINGS!

Have you done something fun with Lilah Beans lately? Feel free to put a link in the comments section below.
-Sandy B.


StxRadley said...

My daughter is four years old and is so inspired by Lilah Beans! Thanks for the great idea! Book is on order. This is a great homeschool art project for my kids! Thanks so much!

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Be sure to email her pics to me to post here on the blog! We'd all love to see them. :-)

Amid Knight said...

Great reead thank you