Friday, August 12, 2011

Melissa, August, and Abraham Cahn - "Hungry Minions"

 Great tangled mailing label too! I'm getting a reputation at the post office!

This package has a whole family's worth of Lilah Beans - and some friends, too (or are they food? Hmmm.) Luckily the creatures came with a warning:

 Melissa's Beans:

 "Singing Cupcake Bean" and Lilah Bean
 Bean Pod
 I love the speckle-y texture on the back of the pod too.

 August's Bean:
Very tribal, don't you think? Or perhaps a variety of jumping bean?

 A bean fish? This one is very dangerous and should be kept in a separate tank. Is that blood on his teeth? Or strawberry jam?

Abraham's Beans:
I'm thinking a Robot Bean?
 This Bean is definitely trouble! Don't turn your back.
 Yes, little Creature Bean, you should be scared. Don't look up...
 Robot Bean - he looks scared too!

Why does this scene make me think of a food chain?

Melissa Cahn is a Certified Zentangle Teacher in Pennsylvania. You can contact her at:

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Gab said...

What a fantastic family effort!!!