Friday, August 12, 2011

Kari Moland - "Zombean"

Kari Moland's "Zombean" is a good (bad?) example of what happens if you don't take good care of your Lilah Beans. Did you leave your jelly beans melting on the hot dashboard of your car? Did you lick one, then spit it into your brother's Cheerios? OH no! Zombeans!

Kari has bravely captured her Zombean, but he is getting hungry and starting to bust out of his prison. I think it best if I keep him away from the other Beans!! Zombean hordes - Oh dear!


Gab said...

What a fun bean!

maudiemay said...

I love the contest but it is very hard to pick a 'best' one. They are all terrific.
Is there an age limit, if not could you put the age of the entrant if you know it? Thanks
Donna Pepper, CZT

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

There is no age limit, I added the age if I knew it. But age is irrelevant when it comes to Beans!