Friday, August 26, 2011

Tangle - Eddies

I was given the inspiration for creating this tangle, Eddies, while watching the tangle Ennies being drawn (click HERE for instructions).  I had thought that when the artist had made the teardrops go all the way around the tile, they would continue into a circle, and make what I have made above.  But they didn't, and I thought that was weird, so I created Eddies based off of that idea. The name refers to an eddy of water, swirling about.  Once I had finished designing it, though, I realized that it actually looked less like a whirlpool and more like the Pit of Souls from the movie Hercules.

The steps for Eddies
Most of these tangles are from Totally Tangled
posted by Alex Bartholomew, age 14 (almost)


Sandra Strait said...

Cool tangle!

Shelly Beauch said...

Wonderful whirl!

David W. said...

Cool, looks like the fish in Animal Crossing. You could put some wiggle in their tails and do some little added extras to be the motion.

I especially like the little glow that's a V at the tail.

Or they could be ookey globs of oil in water circling the drain. Or coming together to be a blob monster.

Uber Cool!

Alex Bee said...

Thanks, guys. I'd love to see if you find any other interesting ways to use this one.

Sandy Steen Bartholomew said...

Here's another, more recent Zentangle Alex did with Eddies in it: